“It’s a Thursday after the holidays and you’re back at work. 🤢 Blech. Obviously time for some social media chatter! So we figured we’d start with a deeply loaded topic…your salary.”




It’s unlawful for private sector employers to prohibit employees from discussing it, and many public employers publish salary information online. Some states prohibit asking candidates for salary history.

Still, money talk remains socially taboo, and discouraging it is often built into company rules or culture. Most of us read the question as, “What’s your worth as a person?” and go on the defensive.

But your salary says much more about your employer than it does about you. And there’s direct consequences to falling victim to salary secrecy. Women and minorities are (of course) particularly impacted.

Open salary discussions fights pay inequality. (Contrast: there’s no reason to discuss your investments, retirement, or savings accounts with colleagues.) Salary transparency puts employees in a better negotiation position, and protects companies by minimizing risk of disparities.

Money talk is easier said than done, of course. How might you broach the money topic with YOUR colleagues?  Hop on your platform of choice and make it rain on our latest post.

⚒️ And if you’re feeling really break-the-glass-ceiling, we double dare you to PUT YOUR NUMBER OUT THERE! 

“Asking for more money is tough for most of us. That’s why it feels so good to break out of a self-centered approach to salary negotiation.”

Instead, make the salary you want their path to what they want.


Your superiors will instantly see you in a different light.  You’re not just there to grab cash with both hands. You’re not just ambitious for yourself. You’re ambitious for them as well.

At the same time, you’ll also make yourself visible to the leaders of your organization.  The powers that be are now aware of you. This is an insane opportunity to be groomed by top performers.

Salary pays your bills, and terms build your future.

“It was so great to talk to a returned volunteer that has COSed and found her way. As a current volunteer I struggle with the ‘whats next’ and it was incredible to talk to Meg and be frank about my feelings knowing that she gets it. She really knew how to give me great relevant advice that is setting me up for success down the road.” -PCV Fiji

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