“Think about it: we all do everything we do because we wish for happiness.”

Yes, You Really Can Change Your Life Forever

How’s that New Year’s Resolution going for you?

If that answer is….um, not so much…here’s some great news.

Think about it: we all do everything we do because we wish for happiness. Why did you decide to lose weight/meditate/earn more money in 2019?

You might say it’s so you can enjoy longer life, a more peaceful mindset, or your dream chateau in southern France. And why do you want to do that? Because it will help you experience HAPPINESS. 


So if your resolution is on the rocks, consider ditching it and taking Harvard’s advice instead. Their landmark 75-year study yielded one extremely significant result. And they have really practical recommendations for making it happen. Now that’s a resolution well worth your effort.


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“It was so great to talk to a returned volunteer that has COSed and found her way. As a current volunteer I struggle with the ‘whats next’ and it was incredible to talk to Meg and be frank about my feelings knowing that she gets it. She really knew how to give me great relevant advice that is setting me up for success down the road.” -PCV Fiji

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