Supercharged Leadership

You have an absolutely incredible career path ahead of you. Wouldn't you love to experience success and fulfillment even sooner? Fortunately, our Supercharged Leadership Gift does just that!

Not just another leadership course

Leadership courses are notoriously ineffective, and for good reason. The vast majority of them treat leadership like a series of tasks that anyone can emulate. In fact, leadership is a mental model and worldview that is developed through effort and practice. Mimicking the habits of leaders without building the mental capacity for leadership is simply ineffective. 

For example, consider the distinction between drinking wine and being a sommelier.  Or going to the pool and being an Olympic swimmer. Alternatively, what's the difference between going a the dance club and being a dancer? Between using a calculator and being a mathematician?

Of course, the differences are obvious. One is something you do, probably occasionally, and maybe not always effectively. In contrast, the other is something you are. You've practiced it, developed systems for it, and can do it consistently. It's part of your identity.

The gift of a lifetime

That's the difference Supercharged Leadership brings to the table. We foster great leadership at its source via exercises and practices that accelerate the development of complex thought patterns. In effect, you will build the wisdom and perspective of a seasoned professional through intentional and directed effort, rather than years of unconscious, haphazard trial and error. The result: the breadth and depth of thought necessary to creatively solve problems, think outside the box, and confidently lead others both personally and professionally.

This package includes 10 session hours plus 24/7 voice and text support with your coach forever. It's the perfect choice for those seeking life-changing personal and career support.

Supercharged Leadership is perfectly complemented by our Stellar Resume & Cover Letter or our signature Career Assessment.

We're also happy to set up a payment plan that works for you. Just email us or set up a call to make arrangements.

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