Stellar Resume & Cover Letter

You know exactly what career you want. And you have no doubt in your mind any employer will love your work. Now, show the world your rock star skills with a stellar resume and cover letter!

Our Stellar Resume & Cover Letter service is totally different from the vast majority of resume services out there. We won't give you the standard suggestions or spend time editing easy grammar fixes. Instead, we maximize this one-hour session to produce an unforgettable resume, as well as arm you with the skills to continuously tailor your documents to new job opportunities in the future.

First, we'll point you toward other free resources that will help them with easy grammar and formatting fixes. Next, we'll home in on the subtle ways optimize your resume for your dream job. Lastly, we'll spend time showing you what we've done, why it's important, and how to modify your documents again in the future for your next big opportunity.

It's the resume service that lasts a lifetime.

The Stellar Resume & Cover Letter service is a perfect complement to our signature Career Assessment.

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