Quick Career Assessment

Our Career Assessment Gift is where it all began! Meg, our coach, recognized that our educational system does not offer individuals informed ways to choose between career options. So she built this product for the young professionals she was mentoring. It was so successful that she started dreaming about full-time career coaching. And that's how Songgaar was born!

Peace Corps attracts jacks-of-all-trades that are able to build skill in almost anything they put their minds to. Their extreme adaptability is a huge asset in life. In fact, it broadens their career options and interests so much that it becomes very difficult to choose between all the opportunities.

Our Career Assessment is an absolute game changer for these individuals. In fact, we've even seen mid-career professionals who felt absolutely sure of their path get inspired to move in another direction as a result of this service.

The Quick Career Assessment Gift is a streamlined version of the Full Career Assessment Gift. It's a great option for those who want to make strong career decisions but currently have a limited budget.

The assessment occurs in 2 one-hour sessions. By the end of, you'll will know exactly the right career path for your interests, skills, values, and desires. As you move forward, you'll continue to enjoy access to 24/7 voice and text support with your coach forever.

We are happy to arrange a payment plan that works for you. Email us or set up a call to make arrangements.

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