Jet Lag Recovery

How can a coach help with Jet Lag Recovery?

When Peace Corps Transitions by Songgaar first got started, we asked Returned Volunteers what they really wished they'd had during service. The near-unanimous response was more support during the transition back home. In fact, even Peace Corps staff expressed a need for return transition support.

What is transition support anyway?

And transition support is not simply help finding a good job. It's impossible to even begin looking for a fulfilling job until you are very clear on who you want to be in your new situation. What are your needs and desires now? How can you best fulfill them? And accomplishing that clarity is only possible through taking time to get to know your new self.

Returning to the USA after serving abroad isn't the only time transition support is in order. We all experience "jet lag" when part of us has made a giant leap in a short time. What does this mean for the other parts of me? Who do I want to be in this situation? How can I catch up with the change?

But I'm pressed for time.

The idea of spending hours in honest conversation with yourself feels pretty inefficient when you wanted to things to be settled yesterday. In fact, it is the absolute straightest path to your happy place. And it's way more efficient and less costly than what most people do.

Most of us do what we believe we ought to do, trudge through the daily grind, and live for the weekends and retirement. We know something isn't quite right, but never really take the time to figure it out. We accept it as an inevitable fact of life. Some of us have an epiphany years later. Even fewer are brave enough to abandon everything they've built and totally start from zero in the name of their own happiness.

It's tempting to equate success with a final result. But if you don't enjoy the stuff between here and there, you're not successful.

Jet Lag Recovery is magical!

That's the amazing thing about Jet Lag Recovery. It teaches you to know yourself well. And when you know someone well, you know exactly what they need, how to make them happy, and how to help them grow. From beginning to end, and everywhere in between.

Catapult yourself into a life you love. Be who you've always wanted to be. Design a future you can't wait to begin.

This package includes 10 session hours plus 24/7 voice and text support with your coach forever. It's perfect for those who are strongly motivated by a supportive environment.

We are happy to arrange a payment plan that works for you. Email us or set up a call to make arrangements.

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