"It is so incredible to consider how much my and my girls' lives have changed from coaching with Meg. I needed to open the locked door to the room where everything I learned abroad could be synthesized into getting exactly what I wanted out of life. And it's happening..!"
RPCV Niger
"I went into this experience expecting to gain some nifty tips and tricks for navigating the job search and application process; what I received was so much more..."
Morgan Gruenewald
"...I had received good career coaching from my university in the past, but this was a completely different level. I'll be starting my job in development next month! Thank you!"
Eileen Enright
"If you’re feeling lost, stuck, or just plain scared, this will help you find your footing and your next steps along the path to your goals!"
Amber Koch
"Above and beyond!! Meg was always so willing to help, listen, and give me great advice. Always available whenever. I can tell she is passionate about this work."
"...To be able to talk about certain pathways, even ones I previously never gave a second thought to, was really eye-opening."
Megan K.
Eastern Africa
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Resume Overhaul

1 session hour

Stellar resume and cover letter revision plus the know-how to modify them for any application.



Career Assessment

5 session hours

You’ll discover exactly the right career path for you with our signature career assessment.

Abbreviated assessment is also available (2 hours)

PLUS 24/7 voice and text support  FOREVER



Jet Lag Recovery

10 session hours

Feel like you’re still trying to catch up with all the changes in your life?

Get fresh perspective and motivation on who you want to be in your new situation, and then make it happen!

PLUS 24/7 voice and text support  FOREVER



Supercharged Leadership

10 session hours

Accelerate your adult development to become the author of your personal and professional life. Unlike any other leadership training you’ve ever experienced.

PLUS 24/7 voice and text support  FOREVER


Meet with your coach to customize a package just for you.

No expiration dates ever.

If our coaching ever fails to meet your expectations, write us for a complimentary session or a refund, no questions asked. 

We know there’s demands on your time. So we use super-secure technology to come to you, whenever and wherever in the world. 

Session elements:

In-Depth CareeR Assessment

We designed this comprehensive assessment to help you make your next career step the best yet. It considers everything from your favorite places to your student debt.

You deserve to define and design a life that you’ll wake up excited to live every day. We’re here to support you as you make it happen.

DETAILED Document Review

Learn to design documents that stand out in the crowd.


Cover letters



LinkedIn profiles

Big Picture Guidance

How do I get started in a new field?

Should I go back to school?

Should I end my Peace Corps service?

How do I manage my finances?

Quick Answers to Targeted Questions

Should I accept this opportunity? 

What’s the best way to respond to this email?

Which courses should I take?

Should I tell them I’m not in the USA??


It’s tempting to equate motivation or success with the final results.  In fact, if you don’t enjoy the stuff between here and there, you’re neither motivated nor successful. You’re just miserable.

Coaching helps identify exactly what moves you forward in spite of challenging circumstances, and designs it into systems that you can use for the rest of your life. 

What you’ll accomplish:


new perspectives

Process your experiences.  Redefine who you are and who you want to be. 


career assessment

Uncover the best career for your values, dreams, and skills.



your action plan

Create a step-by-step plan of where you’re going and how to get there.



with guidance

No more banging your head against the wall. Just message us. Forever!




Polish your resume, cover letter, essay, application, or LinkedIn.  


normal again

Get support from someone who’s walked a mile in your shoes.

We remember the Peace Corps budget

That’s why, for every session purchased, we give one to a Volunteer pro-bono. It’s our way of giving back to our beloved Peace Corps community.

Just want to help a Volunteer?

Our gifts are 50% off. 

“I’d been incredibly nervous facing my upcoming Close of Service. Meg has given me tools to refine my goals and narrow in on next steps, and she’s on-hand to help polish anything I need. If you’re feeling lost, stuck, or just plain scared, Meg will help you find your footing and your next steps along the path to your goals! ” -RPCV Amber Koch

“It was so great to talk to a returned volunteer that has COSed and found her way. As a current volunteer I struggle with the ‘whats next’ and it was incredible to talk to Meg and be frank about my feelings knowing that she gets it. She really knew how to give me great relevant advice that is setting me up for success down the road.” -PCV Fiji

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